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TIPP is the polling unit of TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, a nationally recognized research firm of both syndicated and custom Market Research solutions to the world's most respected brands for over a decade.  TIPP is also a leader in the publication of economic and industry-specific consumer confidence and purchase plan indicators.

For the past 12 years, TechnoMetrica has been the exclusive polling partner of the Investor's Business Daily, a leading national daily newspaper.  TIPP is also the polling partner of the Christian Science Monitor.

TIPP is America's most accurate pollster, having come #1 in both the 2004 and 2008 Presidential elections.

The TechnoMetrica team is relentless in its pursuit of perfection. Heralding from three continents and armed with a multicultural perspective, our team's background and experience spans the spectrum of academic disciplines and practical applications.

With backgrounds in econometrics, multivariate & time-series analysis, statistics, biostatistics, epidemiological research, database management, environmental and mechanical engineering, psychology, arts, media and advertising, it's no wonder, Wes Mann, Editor-in-Chief of Investor's Business Daily had this to say about our team:

 "In a business where credibility is everything, the people at TechnoMetrica are the very definition of credibility and professionalism. Punctilious in their research, careful in their ethics and always solicitous of our needs, they are more than trusted partners; they're part of our team."

TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence is a full-service research and consulting firm. With over half a century of combined experience, TechnoMetrica's staff brings a unique mix of talent and experience to bear on the pressing problems and research needs of today's fast-paced world of small, medium and large-scale businesses.

Our Vision

Our vision is to add value to our clients and policy arena through constant innovation and creation of new services.

Company Fast Facts

  • Founded in 1991
  • Headquartered in Ramsey, NJ
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Shared vision and goals with our clients

Company Brochure:  Get a copy of TechnoMetrica brochure by clicking here

TIPP Poll Past Performance

The TIPP Poll was the most accurate presidential poll having come in #1 in both the 2004 and 2008 Presidential elections.  An article summarizing the results is available here.  The official election results compiled by the Federal Election Commission for 2008 is available here and for 2004 is available here.  Readers may note that some analysis of results and pollster performance ranking on the Internet are obsolete because they analyze accuracy based on election night results, which are significantly different from the final results when all votes were counted.

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