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The Newsweek Automotive Consumer Awards recognizes America’s favorite vehicle brands. The study, a collaboration between Newsweek and TechnoMetrica, aimed to uncover the automotive brands that consumers most desire to acquire (aspiration), as well as those they are currently driving most often (use).

We also assessed brand loyalty, which is signified by an alignment between a consumer’s most desired vehicle brand and the brand they drive the most. The awards are based on responses from approximately 10,000 live telephone interviews conducted by TechnoMetrica over a 12-month period (November 2017 to October 2018).

Of the 10,000 completed interviews, two-thirds were conducted using cell phone samples, while the remaining one-third was conducted via landline. The data is weighted by such factors as age, gender, region, and race, according to the latest U.S. Census figures.

The outcome of the Most Desired Vehicle Brand Awards was based on unassisted responses to the following question:

If you were to buy or lease a vehicle today, what brand are you most likely to buy or lease?

In order to determine Americans’ Most Driven Vehicle Brands, TechnoMetrica asked the following two questions:

            1) What is the make of the vehicle that you drive most often?

            2) What is the type of your vehicle? Is it a Sub-compact car, Compact car, Mid-size car, Full-size car, Minivan, Pick-up, Small SUV or Large SUV?

Accordingly, Newsweek and TechnoMetrica established eight categories for the use-based awards segment: an award for the Most Driven Vehicle Brand overall, and an award for each of the vehicle types covered in the study.

The Best in Brand Loyalty Awards were developed according to a comparison of respondents’ aspirational brand choice and the vehicle brands they currently drive. A respondent who desires the same brand he or she currently drives most often is considered “loyal.”

To determine the Best Automotive Brand rankings, vehicle brands were assigned a score based on their performance in the three overall awards (Most Desired Vehicle Brand, Most Driven Vehicle Brand, and Best in Brand Loyalty). All three categories are equally weighted in developing the Best Automotive Brand rankings.

Aside from the overall awards, rankings are also computed for the Best American Automotive Brand and the Best Luxury Automotive Brand.

Please check the Newsweek website for all the winners.

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