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President Obama has played it coy over amnesty for illegals. Will he or won't he? Now, his intent is revealed in preparations to legalize millions in the coming year.

As Breitbart's Big-Government website reports, "The Obama administration has quietly begun preparing to issue millions of work authorization permits, suggesting the implementation of a large-scale executive amnesty may have already begun."

With little fanfare, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services earlier this month requested bids by contractors who could handle a "surge" in green-card printing over the next year. That "surge" is expected to be about 9 million cards — with a maximum over the length of the contract of 34 million cards.

To us, this looks like a blanket amnesty. The Obama administration is preparing a sweeping — and unconstitutional — plan to grant de facto citizenship to millions of people now here illegally by giving them green cards.

We say "de facto" because, while the plan would merely issue I.D.s to illegals for working purposes, that would be only a first step. In no time, those with I.D.s and their advocates would be angling for citizenship, calling all those who oppose them racists.

And, once more, Obama will have overturned the rule of law and ignored the constitutional role of Congress.

This isn't the only hint of Obama's coming backdoor legalization. Our government has basically stopped deporting people. As the Center for Immigration Studies reports, even though 900,000 illegals have been ordered deported, the government hasn't sent them home. That number includes some 167,000 convicted criminals still walking our streets or behind bars.

This is all hush-hush because amnesty is wildly unpopular and could have a major impact on the mid-term elections. In our own IBD/TIPP Poll taken earlier this month, 54% of Americans gave "high importance" to immigration when it comes to voting.

And in the same poll we specifically asked Americans if they approved of Obama taking "executive action on immigration after the November midterm elections, providing millions of undocumented immigrants with legal protection and work permits."

By an overwhelming 63% to 33%, Americans opposed it. And by 75% to 19%, they preferred that Obama work with Congress on immigration, not "act on his own using executive orders."

Sure, Obama knows all of this. That's why he's deceptively waiting until after the election to spring his surprise on unsuspecting and distracted voters. After all, he's not running.

It's a profoundly dishonest electoral maneuver but one in keeping with this administration's complete lack of both transparency and respect for our democracy.

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