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Americans nearly across the board favor the legalization of marijuana, a new poll finds.

Results from the poll conducted by Investor's Business Daily and TechnoMetrica:

  • 63% of American adults support marijuana legalization, while 32% are against it.

  • All regions of the United States support legalization, with the west leading the way at 72%. The northeast has the lowest support, at 55%.

  • 65% of men and 61% of women believe the drug should be legalized.
  • Support for legalization is at 69% among African-Americans and Hispanics, while 62% of whites support it.
  • 89% of liberals back marijuana legalization, 67% of moderates support it, and 44% of conservatives are in favor of it.
  • 89% of Americans aged 25-44 support marijuana being made legal.

Marijuana in various forms, from recreational to medicinal, is legal to use in several states.

The poll was conducted from July 25-Aug. 1 among 902 U.S. adults.

Please click here to read the original article in Newsmax.


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