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Is Boeing Stock A Buy Right Now? This Is What You Need To Know

Boeing (BA) stockholders have had much to worry about lately, from President Donald Trump's China trade war to 737 Max crashes. The Dow Jones giant has reclaimed key technical levels. But is Boeing stock a good buy now? Investors should look at the aerospace giant's fundamentals and the stock chart.

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Boeing Stock Tests Support As FAA Finds New 737 Max Problem

The Boeing 737 Max jets' return to service could be delayed after the Federal Aviation Administration discovered another problem with its computer system that can cause the jet to enter a deep dive. Boeing stock fell Thursday, testing key support levels.

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Rising Vehicle Prices Remain a Speed Bump for U.S. Auto Sales

RAMSEY, N.J., November 1, 2018 (Newswire.com) - Consumer demand for new vehicles decelerated this month, as high car prices and rising interest rates keep an increasing number of potential buyers from entering the market. TechnoMetrica’s Auto Demand Index fell six points, or five percent, in October to a score of 112, marking the second straight monthly decline in the measure. Thus, we expect new vehicle sales to continue easing from the stellar pace set during the first half of the year, though the industry will remain in good shape thanks to a growing demand for SUVs.

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IBD/TIPP Poll: Economic Optimism Surges On Trumponomics

Is Trumponomics having a second honeymoon? The IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index surged to the 2nd-highest level since 2004 as the jobless rate matched a nearly 50-year low, the Nasdaq briefly scaled new heights and President Donald Trump pushed contentious immigration and trade policies.

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Economic Optimism Index Rises Further, Continuing Record Run, According to Latest IBD/TIPP Poll

LOS ANGELES -- July 3, 2018 -- The IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index, a leading national poll on consumer confidence, rose another 4.6 percent to 56.4 in July, continuing its record run. The index has now spent 22 consecutive months in positive territory, remaining above 50 since October 2016. An index reading below 50 indicates pessimism while above 50 signals optimism for the IBD/TIPP indexes.

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Clinton Takes 1-Point Lead As Trump Admits He's Behind — IBD/TIPP Poll

Hillary Clinton took a 1-point lead in the IBD/TIPP presidential election tracking poll — 42% to 41% — which marks the first time Clinton has been in front in this poll. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson held steady at 8%, while Green Party candidate Jill Stein dipped at 3%.

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IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll: The Most Accurate Presidential Poll In America

With the 2016 election nearly upon us, the political world is once again awash with presidential polls. Many of them show very different things, with some showing Hillary Clinton ahead and others Donald Trump. They can't all be right. How can you tell which polls to trust?

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Steven Sotloff beheading creates more troubles for Obama

For the second time in two weeks, the Islamic State has released a video purporting to show the beheading of an American journalist, in this case freelance reporter Steven Sotloff.

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Consumer Confidence Improves In September

The IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index gained 0.7 points, or 1.6% in September, posting a reading of 45.2 vs. 44.5 in August.  The index is 0.6 points above its 12-month average of 44.6, 0.8 points above its reading of 44.4 in December 2007 when the economy entered the recession, and 4.0 points below its all-time average of 49.2.

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Consumer Confidence Slumps in May

The IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index declined 2.2 points, or 4.6% in May, posting a reading of 45.8 vs. 48.0 in April.  The index is 0.9 points above its 12-month average of 44.9, 1.4 points above its reading of 44.4 in December 2007 when the economy entered the recession, and 3.5 points below its all-time average of 49.3.

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IBD/TIPP Poll Warned Of Doctor Aversion To ObamaCare

With ObamaCare looming, the IBD/TIPP Poll in 2009 queried physicians across the country about the pending law. Their response was astounding and should have been a warning bell for all Americans: Nearly two-thirds opposed the plan entirely. If Congress had listened to the doctors, America might have been spared the fiscal and health-care monstrosity that is ObamaCare.

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Just 39% Think Federal Income Tax System Is Fair

As millions of Americans rush to file their federal income tax returns on Tuesday, few will be thinking that the current tax code is the fairest one of all, according to the latest IBD/TIPP survey.

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The Democrats Have a Marriage Problem

This fall, Democrats will no doubt resurrect the "war on women" theme to try to hold the Senate. But they don't really care about all women, just the unmarried ones. The IBD/TIPP poll shows why.

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Minimum Wage Hikes Gain Momentum In States; Md. OKs

The Maryland General Assembly on Monday approved raising the minimum wage to $10.10 by 2018, the latest in a series of state-level actions as President Obama pushes for a similar increase nationwide.

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Electric Car Realities Clash with Driver Expectations

The capabilities and features offered by today’s electric vehicle models fall short of customer expectations, especially in terms of vehicle range, recharge time, and purchase price. That is the key finding of a national survey of adult American drivers, recently conducted by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence. The report helps explain why electric vehicle sales have largely failed to meet manufacturers’ sales expectations to date. At the same time, the study revealed that the outlook for the electric vehicle market is improving, as millennials report great interest in electrics, and as electric cars prove themselves to be a viable option for the half of the US drivers who claim to drive fewer than 500 miles per month. Raghavan Mayur, Founder of TechnoMetrica, stated that in spite of the slow sales development, the electric vehicle will find a significant place in tomorrow’s car market.

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Consumer Confidence Edges Up In March

The IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index gained 0.2 points, or 0.4% in March, posting a reading of 45.1 vs. 44.9 in February. The index is 0.4 points above its 12-month average of 44.7, 0.7 points above its reading of 44.4 in December 2007 when the economy entered the recession, and 4.2 points below its all-time average of 49.3.

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The Little-Known Pollster That Bested All the Others

The venerated Gallup Poll took a beating this year for being such an outlier in its predictions of who would win the presidency, and the New York Times's Nate Silver has now served up further evidence that the firm has lost its mojo. Silver analyzed the results obtained by about two dozen top polling firms that ran multiple surveys in the last three weeks of the campaign and then ranked the pollsters based on their accuracy: Gallup came in dead last, with an average error of 7.2 points compared to the actual results.

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