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By rolling the red carpet out for black "leader" Al Sharpton, President Obama spits in the eye of every police officer — white, black or whatever. A federal war on police begins.

Scholar Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute's City Journal charges that "President Obama betrayed the nation" and "perverted his role as the leader of all Americans and as the country's most visible symbol of the primacy of the law" in his comments after a grand jury found no evidence of wrongdoing by white police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of black suspect Michael Brown.

"The testimony of a half-dozen black observers at the scene demolished the early incendiary reports that Wilson attacked Brown in cold blood and shot Brown in his back when his hands were up," MacDonald noted, with witnesses claiming brutality by Wilson exposed as inconsistent and finding themselves "contradicted by the physical evidence and by other witnesses, who corroborated Wilson's testimony that Brown had attacked him and had tried to grab his gun."

Obama should have praised the grand jury's conclusion, coming after a thorough examination of all the evidence, and affirmed the integrity of America's criminal justice system.  But like the violent, looting protesters in Ferguson, Mo., our president is uninterested in the truth.

No wonder a demagogue who personifies politicized lies like Al Sharpton is welcomed into the White House — not by any means for the first time — to advise Obama.

Too many have forgotten who Sharpton is.  He came to fame peddling the elaborate Tawana Brawley hoax in upstate New York in 1987, in which a black teen fabricated the claim she was gang-raped by a white policeman, a local white prosecutor and four other white men, her clothes torn and burned, her body smeared with excrement, and "KKK" and the N-word and "bitch" written on her torso with a a charcoal-like substance.

After a grand jury spent seven months confirming it was all a lie, Sharpton and Brawley were successfully sued for slander to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sharpton has never been elected dog catcher anywhere. But according to CBS' "60 Minutes," he is "a trusted White House adviser who has become the president's go-to black leader, campaigning around the country for President Obama and his agenda."  Obama has called him "the voice of the voiceless and a champion for the downtrodden."

In August, the IBD/TIPP Poll found 64% of the public with an unfavorable opinion of Sharpton; only 29% had a favorable view.  A Zogby poll commissioned last year by Black Entertainment Television founder Robert L. Johnson found that while one in four blacks considered Sharpton to be their voice, significantly more — 40% of blacks — said no one speaks for them.

Undoubtedly a great many of those black Americans are sick of self-promoting parasites like Sharpton who exist on black violence and economic misery.  Instead of exercising real leadership of their community — which would mean confronting the long-term epidemic of black-on-black crime whose casualties number in the thousands every year — Sharpton blames the cops who risk their lives saving countless black lives in high-crime neighborhoods.

Now Obama reportedly plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to force police to wear video cameras on their persons and "demilitarize" law enforcement. In other words, further endangering our men and women in blue.

A president who promised to unite America has found yet another way of dividing it.

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