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RUSH: Look at this: “U.S. New Home Sales Rise Surprisingly Strong, 16.6% in May.” Now, I thought I saw a story that said just the exact opposite of this. We can’t have the June numbers yet because we’re still in June. So maybe not. “Sales of new homes rose surprisingly strong, 16.6% in May, with the reopening of major parts of the country, potentially fueling activity in the housing market.”

The symbol of fear, the mask, has now been mandated that everybody wear it here where we live in Palm Beach County, Florida. I guess this means when you’re out in public you have to wear it. They don’t know if you’re wearing it in your house or not. We don’t think they know. (interruption) Depends on whether or not they have access to your home security system, Brian, or tap into your cameras. (interruption) No. What do you mean, would they if they could? Hell, yes, they would if they could. We got some of the — I’m gonna cease and stop right there.

Let’s see. The largest audience — what is this? The largest Saturday night audience in its history, Fox News, the Trump rally on Saturday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, no, no, no, I’m not distracted. I’m look at the — yeah.

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